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Searching for an online is becoming more and more popular nowadays. And since dating business consider being one of the more profitable industries there is no wonder why it has been occupied by so many scammers who are trying to take the opportunity and just steal money from unsuspecting men and women.

According to complains and reports making daily, thousands of people that are searching for an online romance lost thousands of dollars by scams. One of the most common trick they use is to pretend to be women overseas sending you a letter via an online dating service pretending that are interested for you and that they are looking for creating an offline relationship. Suddenly an urgent need for some cash arise and they are start asking for some money (surgery needed etc). Or even that they just need some money so they can come and visit you. Some of them are doing it in a regular basis and they have reached even more complicated procedures than just to use a face picture. Some even hire girls so you could even have a phone chat and makes it feel even more real.

Although in this article we cannot cover all the possible ways scammers are working below we will try to list few Online Dating Tips just to make the whole internet dating procedure a little more safe.

Being Asked for Money

This is the most important sign to find out about possible scammers. If someone you met online ask you for money for any kind of purposes no matter what you just don’t give. Bear on mind that even most of them asks you for money after a very short period the more creative ones usually show extreme patience and they do it only after they manage to create a quite strong relationship with you.

Initiating First Contact

99% of the scammers are the ones that firstly initiate contact with you. So if you get an email or request by someone overseas we strongly recommend that you just ignore it.

Fake Profile Pictures

Most of the scammers usually try to attract victims by posing a face profile picture found either over the internet or by a magazine. So usually try to use your instincts and be extremely suspicious. Usually a very beautiful woman is an indication to be alarmed.

Having said that we need to clarify that there are many people that indeed found their soul mate by the aid of online dating services. By any means we do not try to scare you off. Just by being suspicious and alarmed makes it unlikely that you will be scammed.

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